Recruit Your Kid:
The Competitor's Edge Masterclass

A Parent's Guide To Maximising Sports Scholarship Opportunities, Early!

10x your athlete's chance at sports scholarship success, from year 9
even if you're not a marketer, sports agent, or recruiting agency
16th Nov @ 8:00 AM AEST (GM +10)
*Seats are limited to 200 spots.
A FREE 5-day LIVE event that will teach you how to recruit your athlete without wasting time & money on recruiting agencies
  • Day 1: How to create a college recruiting timeline from year 9 that will maximise sports scholarship opportunities
  • Day 2: How-to navigate year 9 to college as the parent of an elite student-athlete
  • Day 3: How to create a breakthrough marketing campaign that will place your athlete in front of coaches and scouts 10X sooner
  • Day 4: How to build a safe online strategy to help your athlete maximise athletic scholarship opportunities
  • ​Day 5: How to earn your athlete 6+ figures in scholarship money.
Hi, I'm Brooke Hamilton!

(CEO & Founder of PEAinternational)

Here's what you'll discover in this FREE masterclass...

Benefit #1

Learn how to develop simple and effective strategies from year 9 that will help your athlete maximise opportunity and emerge with a leading edge..

Benefit #3

Build and develop a strong marketing campaign that will strategically place your athlete in front of coaches and scouts at the right time

Benefit #2

You will create a solid academic/sports plan early from year 9 that will help your athlete achieve professional breakthroughs and results beyond imaginable belief

Benefit #4

Learn the ONLY complete and definitive guide to find, secure and maximise sports scholarship opportunities. You will be giving your athlete the chance to start early, be prepared, and achieve sports scholarship success.
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Your Athlete Is Just 5 Days Away From Sports Scholarship Success
Parents often fall into the trap of paying sports agents, marketers, and recruiting agencies a lot of money to make their athlete a number in a queue and MAYBE get minimal results.

I will show you how to do the job of all three, with better results, less time, and without breaking your bank account. Your athlete will have a clear plan, strong strategy, and a support system that will out perform any recruiting agency or sports marketer on the planet.
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